Eye Care Products For Better Vision

Monday, February 18th, 2013

They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul.  Therefore it is not surprising why most people go to great lengths to take care of them. Eyewear companies have picked up on the trend as well especially considering the plethora of eye-care products that they promote. Some of the most common and popular eye care products on the market include the following

Eye Glasses
Are you near sighted or far sighted? Pop into an optician’s clinic and find out. After testing your eyes the doctor will fit you with a pair of appropriate eyeglasses and your eyesight will be as right as rain.

Opticians also recommend eyeglasses to people suffering from presbyopia and astigmatism. These types of products are designed to focus light onto the retina. The shape of the glasses depends on the type of eye problem a patient suffers from. For example, people who are shortsighted wear eyeglasses that are fitted with lenses that are concave or are curved inward. On the other hand a person who is farsighted would wear glasses that are fitted with lenses that are convex or are curved outward. A cylindrical shaped lens is used to correct astigmatism since it is used on patients who have distorted corneas.

Prescription Lens
Those who suffer from more than one vision problem opt for multifocal lenses for their eyeglasses. These come in the bifocal, progressive and trifocal variety. In other words they come with two or more prescriptions for correcting vision.  For example, bifocals in particular at the most common types of multifocal lens and is usually recommended for people whose eyes have lost the ability to focus properly.

Contact Lenses
Of course, not everyone would want a pair of bulky frames to cramp their style. This is why such people prefer to invest in contact lenses along with eyeglasses. Contact lenses are in the form of thin transparent discs that are designed to fit directly on the cornea. Like eyeglasses, these are also used to correct hyperopia (farsightedness) and myopia (nearsightedness).

Contact Lens
People who are far or short sighted can have them made according to their prescriptions. These particular eye care products are best suited to aid sight issues in individuals since they are situated closer to the eyes and also move with them. This way they allow for a more natural field of vision. Contact lenses stick to the tear fluid that floats on the eye’s surface while the pressure of the eyelids helps to hold them down in place.

Most people opt for contact lenses in order to avoid wearing large frame based eyeglasses. In fact some people even do so to hide the fact that they wear glasses in the first place. In such cases, contact lenses come in real handy. While a pair of eyeglasses is good for the workplace or at home contact lenses can make a nearsighted or farsighted person look fabulous at a social event. They might be challenging to put on especially for first timers. However, once people get used to them the application process gets easier with each use.

These are plastic or steel based structures that hold eyeglass lenses in place. Most people choose frames by gauging how they look on their faces. A pair of prescription lenses is fitted on the chosen frames.


Eye care products need to be maintained or changed once they are no longer usable. Failing to do so can cause serious problems to a person’s sight. However, a working individual doesn’t always have time to visit the local optician all the time.

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